Local Composer Seamus F. Kenney's Epic Science Fiction Opera

Seamus F. Kenney, credit Jet Schmidt
Rock musician, Seamus F. Kenney, (better known as the front man of rock band SNMNMNM) has a new project — he’s bringing an original work of opera, “All Hail The Comet,” to the Triangle. 

Kenney studied opera and composition at Eastman School of Music and has been writing the opera since 2008. While he’s previewed it twice already, he didn’t really consider it a long-term project until the second preview in July.

“I came to it a bit reluctantly,” Kenney says. “Originally, I just thought it would be interesting to see what people would think of opera music being performed in a bar. The packed crowd was very receptive and I was barraged with questions about its completion."
In response, Kenney formed a production company, Velvet Umbrella, to bring the opera to the stage.

“All Hail The Comet” is set in the not-so-distant future. Unlike operas of the past, the tragedy shifts away from tuberculosis inflicted bohemians and misguided hunchbacks towards the impending doom of a massive comet impact. Kenney is working tirelessly with his production staff to finish the opera, with the hope for a theatrical premier in the Fall of 2010.